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Nilofer Safdar

In the last 2000 years the earth has undergone the least amount of change than ever before.

We, as mankind, have been determined to try and keep things the same but now the earth has had enough and it is changing whether we like it or not.

What would it be like if we became stewards of the earth rather than continuously taking everything we can from it?

What future could we create if we realised that this is the planet that we will be living on for generations to come?

This can only be a reality on planet earth if WE as mankind, make some drastically different choices.

And the truth of it is that those choices are not about protesting against pollution, or trying to save the whales, or anything like that.

They are the culmination of the consciousness that you’re willing to be and function from, rather than the trauma, drama and misery that we all make more real than us.

participation is free

The speakers in the EARTH, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT Series are generously donating their time so you can get access to this value-packed online event at no cost. All you need is a computer to participate from anywhere in the world. The event is happening 9 – 21 JAN 2016. Save your spot right away ->

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Where is the event located?

Wherever you are. It’s virtual, so you can access the interviews with our experts by calling in or through a free Internet webcast. Replays will be available, so if you miss a live session, no worries.


The event is happening 9 – 21 JAN 2016. I hope you’ll join us today!

With gratitude,

Nilofer Safdar

Nilofer Safdar
Host of the Illusion to Illumination Summit


Nilofer Safdar is is a three times bestselling author of the books, Money Circle, Cracking the Client Attraction Code and The Colors Of Now. She teaches people how to write, be published and become a Bestselling Author in 90 days even if they have never written before (or think that they can never write). She is a strong advocate of getting a book published and her pet peeve is to educate people on why everyone must write a book.
She is the host of the Illusion to Illumination Summit which is now in Season 6. She has interviewed more than 100 luminaries, change makers and thought leaders. She is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator CFMW. She is also an EMF Balancing Technique Teacher & Practitioner.
Nilofer helps people change their reality to generate and create a life they desire and require. Her target is to generate a life that is joyful and expansive for everybody she touches.

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