What if choice is a tool for creation beyond your wildest dreams?

What if ‘not choosing’ is the limitation stopping you from enjoying the liberation you truly desire?

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Dear Friend,

I’m so happy you found this page because what comes next will create a different possibility in your universe.

“Did you know that Choice creates? Choice creates awareness, awareness does not create choice. What is true choice?”

You have infinite choice. No choice you make is right or wrong, good or bad. Choice is just your choice – and you get to make a new one every ten seconds

When you are being totally aware and totally present you are creating a space of infinite choice

Choice is a source of creation! Ask – What will this choice create in my life?

What choice can you make today that will create the today you desire to have?

Playing in the Reality of CHOICE today, what can you create and generate?

  • How to create MAGIC in your life?
  • Is luck a choice? Or are some people more lucky that others?
  • Release hidden blocks that are stopping you from having the money, relationship and health you desire
  • Let go of what is no longer a contribution to you normal
  • The Pragmatics of Choice
  • Have you stopped creating your future based on the amount of money you think you don’t have? If you create your future today, then you will allow way more to show up. It will make your life easier and more fun.
  • Have you ever had this moment where everything just falls in to place and everything seems so easy? What if you can have that more often? Is that possible? How can you create that?
  • How much more would be possible if you were willing to generate, create and institute WITH the universe? And what if that could be created with fun and ease?
  • Create Your life by being You (Irresistible and all)
  • How to stop mimicking other people’s idea of the life you should live and truly step into creation
  • Questions to ask to unlock the infinite wealth available to you
  • An understanding of why you haven’t been able to change certain behaviors, and why it seems like you don’t have choice

participation is freeThe speakers in the Choice the Liberator Extension Series are generously donating their time so you can get access to this value-packed online event at no cost. All you need is a computer to participate from anywhere in the world. The event is happening NOW and runs through June 17, 2014. Save your spot right away ->


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