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Dear Friend,

I’m so happy you found this page because what comes next will rock your world!

Are you willing to be the Doorway to Possibilities?

What if there is no wall, no doorway – just possibilities all around? :-)

What there is so much more to life than the walls of limitation we’ve been handed?  What if there is more than one doorway? Or if we don’t even see the doorway for all the thorns and fences and gates and obstacles we put in our way? What else is possible?

What if the doorway of possibilities is not a defined path or thing? And what if it doesn’t look like what you imagine or have been looking for?

“The doorway to possibilities is the one where you have the guts to open it – kick it down, entice it open, invite it to unlock or demand it does no matter how it happens. What if asking where your doorway to possibilities was where you got to demolish all your shut and locked doors to the possibilities you have been asking for?

What if the doorway to possibilities is everywhere! What if there are lots of doorways….like the infinite colors…..lots of doorways and what if we just never slammed them closed with conclusion and judgment?! Every question …. every choice … new doorways…!!!

How many doorways to possibilities can you perceive? How many are you willing to open?

What doorways are available to you that nobody else has available??
What energy, space and consciousness can you choose to be that would allow you to perceive the doorway that the Universe is holding open for you?

Which door can you choose to enter that you have never chosen before, which if you were to enter would allow you to perceive,know, be and receive everything with total ease?

I wonder if the doorway is opened when we step into action? I know many people who meditate, pray, visualize, ask questions without taking action toward what they desire. What if the doorways open up when you take action beyond your comfort zone?

How much energy are you using to shut yourself down from the infinite possibilities?

What would it be like if you embodied POSSIBILITIES in all areas of your life?

I’ve brought together 21 of the world’s top Access Consciousness Facilitators who will facilitate you to find your Doorways to Possibilities.

What if the doorway is US? Are you unlocking the Greatness of YOU when you open the doorway? Would you be willing to Perceive, Know, Be and Receive the Greatness of You?

The doorway is me.
Who I be.
What I choose.
How fiercely & intensely I choose & change.

What could you choose today that would open the doorway to the infinite colours of possibility that you & your body truly be as soon as possible with total ease?

As a kid I was always looking for a door to another land a place of magic only to find years later that I we are that door and we are that magic.

– What if the doorways to the possibilities you are asking for look nothing like you expect them to?
– Are you willing to choose the unexpected, unknown, and unbelievable doorways that lead to the life of possibilities, joy, and abundance you’ve been seeking?

The energy of the doorways of possibility to me is about choice – lots and lots of choosing… continuous choosing to have and create so much more. And when one door closes…. What if another one opens? What if we can clamber in through the window too? Or heck – what if we just walk through the walls? Who is it who limits us and stops us from walking in?

participation is free

The speakers in the Choice the Liberator Extension Series are generously donating their time so you can get access to this value-packed online event at no cost. All you need is a computer to participate from anywhere in the world. The event is happening NOW and runs through Mar 31, 2015. Save your spot right away ->


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Where is the event located?

Wherever you are. It’s virtual, so you can access the interviews with our experts by calling in or through a free Internet webcast. Replays will be available, so if you miss a live session, no worries.


The event is happening NOW and runs through March 31, 2015. I hope you’ll join us today!

With gratitude,

Nilofer Safdar

Nilofer Safdar
Host of the Illusion to Illumination Summit


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About Your Host

Nilofer Safdar is a bestselling author and the host of the Illusion to Illumination Summit which is now in Season 5. She has interviewed more than 100 luminaries, change makers and thought leaders. She is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator CFMW. She is also an EMF Balancing Technique Teacher & Practitioner.

Nilofer helps people change their reality to generate and create a life they desire and require. Her target is to generate a life that is joyful and expansive for everybody she touches.

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